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LienChain is a blockchain-based lending platform that allows you to leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans, for whatever you want. No credit check, easy application, fast approvals – access to capital on our platform comes easy and cash will be directly deposited into your bank account*.

Through unique cryptocurrency asset collateralization management, LienChain offers the most favorable terms and rates in the blockchain lending industry.


*Limitations may apply to KYC/AML screening
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How It Works

No Credit Check, Easy Application, Fast Approval - Conveniently Accessible Capital with LienChain

Apply & Review

Everyone has different needs. Fill out our loan application and the LienChain team will process it as soon as possible.  After review, LienChain will contact you offering the most favorable industry term and rates depending on your application.


Deposit & Execute

Once you’ve signed and returned the final loan agreement, LienChain will immediately send over your cash through your preferred method of choice upon receiving your collateral deposit.

Maintain & Repay

Through the term of your loan, make your bi-weekly payments until the maturity date or until you decide to pre-pay your principal early. Once we’ve received our initial principal back, we will release all units of collateral back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a owner and a holder of blockchain assets seeking cash without having to liquidate your assets, or if you are interested in accessing the digital-asset debt capital markets.

Our customers range from day-traders, investors, cryptocurrency exchanges, miners, ICOs, payment processors to financial institutions.

As long as you own any of our accepted cryptocurrency assets, you meet our eligibility requirements – just submit an application and we’ll process it as fast as possible (max. 24 hours) to get you your capital as long as you sent us additional information we request as well as you cryptocurrency assets.

It is a very simple and easy process. Simply submit your application through our website. We’ll get back to you with the most favorable rate and terms in the blockchain lending industry associated with the loan. As soon as you confirm you are okay with the loan agreement, we will request the following:

  1. Send your collateral deposit to our respective Cryptocurrency Wallet Address (e.g. NEO)
  2. The TXID transaction receipt that you have sent the collateral over
  3. Your preferred method in receiving the cash advance out of our various methods.
  4. Your NEO deposit address (where we will return your collateral to you once you’ve repaid the loan; we will also confirm before the transfer)
  5. A little more information for KYC (Know-Your-Customer) purposes

After that, you are good to go! This process will take anywhere from 30 minutes to few hours! We’ll get you your capital as quick as possible! Once the transfer is through, make sure you pay your bi-weekly fees and should you want to prepay your loan early, just return us the principal amount in additional to our mutually agreed upon early repayment fee and we’ll send you back all the units of collateral that you deposited when the loan was initially executed!

The amount you can borrow depends on the amount and type of cryptocurrency you can deposit as collateral. Typically, our loan amount will never exceed the amount of collateral our customer is providing.

If you cannot make your payment on-time, we will charge a late payment fee – after reasonable time, we will contact you and begin liquidizing your collateral to pay off your bi-weekly fees. Should you not be able to pay off the principal of the loan by the maturity date, we will need to liquidize your collateral to pay the loan in full.

Should you want to pay off your loan early at any time before the first bi-weekly fee, you can as long as you agree to pay the early prepayment fee as stated in your loan agreement.

Your collateralized assets are held in escrow in LienChain’s proprietary wallets across online wallets to other digital currency exchanges.  Until LienChain finishes developing its own wallet, the collateralized assets are diversified amongst various platforms to insure our borrowers can access their cryptocurrency assets as soon as they need it.

For Bitcoin or Ethereum transactions, the collateral will be held by a trusted custodial service.

Your blockchain assets will be returned to you as soon as long as you have made your required payments and the principal on the loan has been repaid.

Should the value of your collaterized assets rise, you may have the option to: request and add the increased value to the principal of the loan for additional capital from the lender or do nothing but continue to make payments accord to your loan agreement.

Should the value of your collaterized assets fall enough to cause a breach in the agreed upon liquidation threshold (e.g. loan-to-value (LTV) ratio), you will be contacted by LienChain’s Collateral Management team and be given the opportunity to either add additional collateral or make a principal payment, which would bring your collateral account balance back to the mutual agreed upon LTV.  Note these options vary depending on the terms in the loan agreement made at the time of origination.

Borrowers who want to repay their loan early must request so through e-mailing

Please include your LienChain ID (LCID:#) in the subject of your email. Your LCID can be found in the original e-mail of your loan approval.



Dennis Chin

Experience in Lending & Strategy
Previously at EMI, CIT, Societe Generale

Justin Choy

Experience in Branding & Marketing
Previously at Grey Group, BBDO Worldwide

Krys Ziemski

Senior Developer
Experience in Tech, Software, Consulting, Lending
Previously at Diamondback Capital, Fortress


John Key Pic


Key Strategic Partners
UBS Investment Bank
MD, Asset Management
Steve McClurg

Steven McClurg

Arca Funds
Chief Investment Officer


Dreamit Ventures


Genesis Block
Debevoise & Plimpton


Lehman Brothers
Head of Fixed Income
Head of Fixed Income

To Be

Coming Soon
Stay Tuned
Coming Soon
Stay Tuned


Fundraising & Operations

LienChain begins raising commitments to expand lending platform to the public. The Company plans on streamlining the lending process to ensure borrowers have quick access to capital.

August 2018 / Early September 2018


Partnerships & Compliance

The Company begins expanding into various marketing channels to acquire more users within the investing and trading community space while integrating blockchain technology into the platform. LienChain will likely have the appropriate licenses to conduct business globally. Partnerships planned Pre-ICO will be revisited to increase business opportunities.

November 2018 / Early December 2018


Diversification & Liquidity

Launch platform accepting loans secured by BTC, ETH, NEO, DASH, KCS, PIVX, ZEN, and WTC. Fully integrated KYC/AML system on the platform while implementing automation and become fully functional with App, Wallet, Referral Program, and Exchange Listings.

March 2019


Product Expansion

Launch LIEN Credit Card, finalize strategic partnerships with interested parties. Additionally, the first month of dividend distributions to Token Holders will be made in an ETH payment to their respective LIEN wallets.

June 2019



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